Smokescreen / Dark Roast / 1 lb. / Peru

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Smokescreen / Dark Roast / 1 lb. / Peru

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Region: Peru (Chontali)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1300 - 1800 Meters
Flavors: Cocoa, Lemon, Caramel

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For those seeking stability, Smokescreen is our dependable dark roast.

Showcasing a single coffee for a longer time allows us to hone the roast to perfection.

For many, the smokey, chocolatey flavor of a dark roast evokes comfort and nostalgia.

If you value routine and ceremony, try Smokescreen.

Currently, Smokescreen uses a coffee from the Chontali region of Peru.

There’s something I really enjoy about our friends in Chontali. They come from a culture that used to lived there, called the Pakamuros. Also known in Spanish as Los Bravos Pakamuros, or the brave Pakamuros — their tribe was never conquered by the Incas. This heritage makes them very tough. Very brave. And they work a lot. They didn’t have a proper road until about 20 years ago. These people used to walk for weeks to take their harvest out — we’re talking about 40 years ago. They started doing coffee 50 years ago, so there is a very interesting culture that comes from the Pakamuros and from the Spaniards who came into the Chunchucas Valley.

So, there’s an interesting combination of cultures and a very, very strong heritage that they put so much into. When you go there, you feel this really intense vibe that is very, very fascinating. It’s quite different. It’s the best. It’s pure passion, and it’s heritage.