Cold Brew Coffee / 30 oz.


Cold Brew Coffee / 30 oz.

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Cold Brew

Cold brew is a concentrated potion that offers cold coffee lovers an alternative to the undeniably lame method of pouring hot coffee over ice.

It's smoother-tasting and stronger than regular coffee, and it can be prepared in a variety of ways. Add water and enjoy an unusually smooth iced coffee. Add milk to create a delicious, refreshing elixir. Skip the formalities and chug it straight from the bottle.

However you prefer to drink it, cold brew is the undisputed king of the cold coffee realm.


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The Science

Most coffee brewing methods (drip, french press, espresso) use high temperature water and a short brewing time to extract the desired flavors and caffeine from coffee grounds. Generally, the higher the water temperature, the shorter the amount of time it can be in contact with the grounds without ruining the drink.

The cold brewing method takes advantage of this and flips the formula around, using low temperature water to allow for an extremely long brewing time. This makes for a forgiving brewing process - when you're brewing the coffee for 16 hours with cold water, the stakes are pretty low. Compare this with espresso: blasting near-boiling water into coffee for 20-30 seconds means even minor deviations in temperature or time could completely ruin your coffee.

The result of cold brewing is surprising: it consistently creates a strong, incredibly smooth coffee, especially well suited to be enjoyed cold and diluted with either water or milk. Its smoothness is due to greatly reduced acidity in the coffee compared to hot brewing methods. It can be produced in large quantities and takes well to being stored in the refrigerator to be enjoyed over several days. It's an invigorating and versatile refreshment that nicely complements the acidic punch-in-the-face coffee created from hot brewing methods, creating a perfect coffee duality.