Ground vs. Whole Bean

The most cost-effective way to improve your coffee at home is to use whole bean coffee with a coffee grinder. For less than $20 you can buy a grinder that will last for years, and it will dramatically improve the quality of the coffee you brew at home.

There are different kinds of grinders and prices can vary greatly, but a cheap grinder will still be an improvement over using pre-ground coffee!


What's so great about whole beans?

As coffee is roasted, a complex array of oils and aromas are created and sealed inside the beans. Grinding the coffee releases these flavorful oils and makes them available for brewing. But this also exposes them to oxygen. The instant coffee is ground, it begins to stale. It's important to brew as soon as possible after grinding.

Imagine if apples were picked, sliced up immediately, and then shipped across the country. By the time you saw them in the store, they would be pretty unappealing. It makes more sense to ship them whole and then slice them right before eating. Likewise, it makes more sense to ship coffee beans whole and grind them right before brewing.

After you make the switch to whole bean, you'll be surprised how much you start to enjoy the ritual of grinding your beans every morning. You know a good cup of coffee is on its way.

If you still prefer your coffee to be ground already when it arrives, we will grind it for you before shipping. It just makes us a little sad.